About Us

    Founded in 1996, based on far infrared heating element, Guangdong Warmtact Electrical Heating Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise , Specializing in research, production,sales and technical services. Warmtact brings many international technical personnels together in scientific research . The president Mr. Yu qiu Jia as an expert is served as chief engineer , who has 20 years’experience of research in electrothermal film and far infrared technology application, and has the cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology and Weifang University of Science & Technology in China.

    Now Warmtact has a range of products such as low temperature flexible waterproof electrothermal film, mid-temperature inorganic heating film, high temperature transparent film, which form a film heating system, far infrared electric heater, zero electromagnetic radiation electric carpets, industrial far infrared heater, agricultural far infrared heating system, high molecular waterproof electrothermal film / polyester epoxy plate, quick heating electric furnace in wall, far infrared health physiotherapy series for both at home and abroad.  

    We have started Guangdong Sanshui National High-tech Industry Base project with total investment 120 million yuan. It will be the largest, the most various, the best electric science and technology demonstration base in Asia.